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The Painting Guys

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Reasons to Choose The Painting Guys


We operate on 100% transparent process that leaves 0% room for hidden costs.

Fast and Efficient

With our dedicated project management team, we make sure to keep all the wheels of your project rolling to ensure a quick and efficient project delivery.


We are in the business since decades. This makes us reliable, stable and highly dependable.

Meet Owner John Salzarulo

I've lived in Ventura for the last 5 years or so. I started this company because I wanted to be my own boss and build my own future. I am practical, I won't overcomplicate things. I most want my customers to know I hustle for my customers, I'll go the extra mile every time.


Exterior Painting

Commercial Painting

Interior Painting

Ventura's Trusted Painting Professionals

Our vision is to provide the best painting services to our clients while focusing on strong customer satisfaction.

Hey Neighbor

We're locals. We know the community, the best paint and methods for the area, and how to work with the unique properties in our area. We know what works best for your home. We listen, adapt and delight our customers with our top local services. With the most affordable plans, we also offer durable and high-quality products. We are just a call away to check out the property and consult you for free. We are here to take care of our neighbors.

Incredible Crew

We are the most flexible and friendly people you will ever meet. We put our customer's wants above everything else. We work on a customer-centricity principle which helps us build long term relationships with our customers. All of our crew is well trained. They carry a can-do attitude so that you don't have to worry about if anything is too late to let us know. We are willing to change our strategies and working patterns until you are satisfied.

Our Guarantee

We are the best painting company in the city. As we work through your project, every milestone we hit will give you confidence. We promise to have the best quality and consistency in the city, we also own up the responsibility of fixing the unforeseen changes or issues. Even more, you can have confidence in our work with our guarantee on services.

The Painting Guys

Need a Painter?