Your local answer to all of your painting needs

No opportunity will be turned away! If you can dream it, we will make it a reality

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Your local answer to all of your painting needs

No opportunity will be turned away! If you can dream it, we will make it a reality

Reasons to Choose S.E.E.K. Home Improvement, LLC


We operate with utmost transparency and no hidden agenda. All of your questions will be answered and your job will be completed to your satisfaction.

Detail Oriented

We take care of your requests, concerns and questions. Once we agree on our mission, we work hand in hand to quickly and perfectly complete your project.


We are more than just painting services. Our best practices comes from our virtues and value that we provide to our customers.

Meet Owner Shannon Flavin

Born and raised in northwest Indiana, I migrated south after 44 years of living throughout the Midwest. I was fortunate enough to play basketball at Valparaiso University, which gave me the opportunity to work as a cog in a great machine. I took those lessons and moved into the construction industry, working for over 25 years.It could be said that I have sawdust in my veins. I am currently enrolled at Everglades University working on a dual degree in Construction Management as well as my MBA.


Baseboard Molding Installation

We offer molding installation and repair with affordable prices. We have all the equipment and experienced crew. Look no further as we are committed to meet your end goals! We will make sure you get the best baseline molding service at no exceptional cost.

Commercial Interior & Exterior Painting

We understand and can meet the specific needs of painting your space. Our trained professionals will work during off-hours to ensure that your business is not interrupted in any way, we know the materials needed for the demands of your retail, office, or any other commercial space.

Drywall Repair

Maybe you've got cracks in the walls, maybe you've got nail holes or other unsightly damage. Fortunately, we have a quick, simple, easy solution. We offer drywall hole repair, drywall crack repair, ceiling repair, drywall replacement, plaster repair, drywall installation.

Paint Removal

Our advanced techniques will ensure safe & effective paint removal of paints and other finishes. We use power washing and other methods for safe and effective paint and finish removal.

Touch up Painting

Whether your wall needs a few patch work here and there or a wall that is already painted which needs another round of a coat, we can do our best to give your walls the refresh they need.

Deck Staining & Sealing

We are pioneers in deck staining and sealing. We protect your outdoor wooden deck from harsh weather, sunlight, spills, and scratches. Staining will add a new look on your wood while sealing is done with a paintbrush to add a protective layer. Your deck will be durable, will have a new glossy look, and it will be protected from all weather conditions.

Drywall Texturing

We are experts in drywall texturing. We'll make sure your project looks amazing. We can even do our best to match or blend existing textures when needed.

Cabinet Painting

We can prep and paint cabinets for kitchens, garages, built-ins and more. We can handle the entire project of preparation and final touches.

Exterior Home Painting

Treat your house with a premium exterior appearance it deserves with our range of exterior painting. We take care of everything including preparation, house painting and finishes. Make your home beautiful.

Interior Painting

Treat your house with a premium interior look it deserves with our wholesome range of interior products and services. We offer paint sheen and finishes ranging from flat matte, eggshell, satin finish, semi-gloss and high-gloss.

New and Existing Home inspection with Wind Mitigation and 4 point inspection

Available for all of your inspection needs, this new service will be available May 1, 2021 for all of our service areas

Experience, skill and our attention to detail make S.E.E.K. the ONLY painter you should trust

After the passing of our infant son, a simple fact became clear to my wife and I. We LOVE to be together. No matter what we are doing. Whether it is enjoying our children, embracing our love of the outdoors, or, most likely, working side by side to provide our clients, our "family, with the exact result they dream of.

Custom Tailored to Your Needs

We love to recommend the best in house services and products to our customers. We consider various factors like your budget, quality of the product, location, environment, and time barrier. Then, we handpick the best available options, combine it into a package and propose it to you. Our recommendations are suggested based on the years of experience that we have in the market. We will not make a choice for you, but present you the finest possible options and let you decide

Client Focused

You will receive a return call within 2 hours of your original communication, whether it be email, phone, text or carrier pigeon. We are committed to you and your project and recognize that your time is valuable and we respect your needs

Prepared For All Of Your House Requirements

New construction. National Historical Register. Prepping for sale or just ready for a new look, S.E.E.K. Home Improvement, LLC will exceed your hopes, wishes and dreams and all we ask is that you share that special experience with your friends and family!

Your local answer to all of your painting needs

No opportunity will be turned away! If you can dream it, we will make it a reality

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