Legendary Painters

The best painting service in town

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Legendary Painters

The best painting service in town

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We operate on 100% transparent process that leaves 0% room for hidden costs.

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Meet Owner Craig Allen Davis, Jr.

I've lived in Peyton for a few years now. I started this company because I wanted to be my own boss and build my own future. I am practical, and I won't over-complicate things. I want my customers to know that I always put myself in my customers shoes, treat their home like my own.


Exterior Home Painting

Treat your house with a premium exterior appearance it deserves with our range of exterior painting. We take care of everything including preparation, house painting and finishes. Make your home beautiful.

Interior Painting

Treat your house with a premium interior look it deserves with our wholesome range of interior products and services. We offer paint sheen and finishes ranging from flat matte, eggshell, satin finish, semi-gloss and high-gloss.

Flexible Scheduling

We are available to serve you throughout the year, flexible to adjust to your schedule as needed. We'll work to find a timeline and schedule that works well for you. We'll work within your availability to make sure it's convenient for you. From scheduling to production, we will be available when you want us to be.

Free Estimates

Set up a free in home or virtual estimate. Ask quotations, walk through concerns, or logistics. We are ready with all the knowledge and experience to make the most of your project. We are dedicated to providing value for our customers right from the first meeting, even if you end up choosing another provider. Our experts have a strategic approach combined with years of experience. We'll walk through all of your options, costs and logistics.

The right paint

We know how to choose the right paint for the job. Paints that last, that have the finish you are looking for. We have a wide range of low VOC which is an important factor in deciding how good is the paint. The lower the index, the better it is for our health. We offer high fungal protection, anti-microbial, UV protection, and stain-resistant paints. Using the right, quality paint for the job is an important factor in making sure you have a successful project.

Legendary Painters

The best painting service in town

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